CoderZ League


The Galactic part of the journey starts here as students program a virtual robot to advance through different worlds! Each world contains its own set of obstacles, encouraging student teams to collaborate and think creatively while learning advanced programming concepts, physics principles, and more.

Suggested for

7th – 12th Grade

Prior Knowledge

For students with experience in 
Cyber Robotics 102 | Upper middle school &
high school robotics competition alumni.


Boost your competitive advantage in the CoderZ League Pro Division with our Cyber Robotics 102 class!

Cyber Robotics 102 follows Cyber Robotics 101 for next-level coding and robotics skills. During the 20-25 hour class, students learn new methods to program complex algorithms while making extensive and advanced use of sensors and joints. Computer science topics include: variables, nested loops, logical conditions, and more. Robotics topics include: touch, ultrasonic, gyro, color and light sensors, and their locations and joints in complex missions.

CoderZ League pro challenges :

Will your team be
crowned the next
CoderZ League Champion?