Below is some helpful info on CoderZ League and how it all works.

CoderZ League Format what is important to know before registration:

The spring season officially begins with an opening round on March 27th and the final leaderboard revealed on May 8th. To see the full schedule, go to http://competition.gocoderz.com/spring-league/.

Stay tuned for future leagues: https://competition.gocoderz.com

We don’t typically offer demos for the League as we try not to give a competitive advantage; however, you can learn more through the CoderZ Fall League – How It Works, and the user guide published per competition.

Please note that CoderZ Spring League and CoderZ League in a Box – are shorter versions which include the training camp and the competition phase. The competition includes 3 games with missions and challenges.

Each division has a different robot:

· The Novice Division – Zappy (CoderZ Virtual Robot)

· The Junior Division – EV3

· The Pro Division – Ruby (CoderZ Virtual Robot)

The Novice and Junior are block based (Blockly), while the Pro Division provides challenges available in Blockly and Python

We do have options for conducting your own League with endless possibilities by hosting your very own league at your school, after school, summer program and more!

Absolutely! CoderZ was designed to provide accessible learning experiences to students and teachers from all over the world. The web-based environment requires internet access and computer.

Novice Division: 4th-6th grade and Junior Division: 6th 9th grade. Students may participate in higher divisions, but not in lower divisions (example: students from the Novice division may participate in Junior, but Junior division students are not allowed to participate in the Novice division as that would be unfair to the younger students).

How the Registration Works?

Our recommendation is to have 6 students per team. A team can participate with less than 6 students with a minimum of 3 students. Smaller teams are at a disadvantage for generating points is easier with more people on the team.

To see the full list of CoderZ league spring prices please go to https://competition.gocoderz.com/register

Registration for CoderZ Spring League ends on April 10. Stay tuned for future leagues registration schedule: https://competition.gocoderz.com

CoderZ League Requirements

The short answer is no!

Novice Division is suggested for students in 4th – 6th grade. No background knowledge is required and teachers from any discipline can lead their students in this journey.

Junior Division is suggested for students in 6th – 9th grade with experience in Cyber Robotics 101 or are robotics competition alumni.

Pro Division is suggested for students in 7th – 12th grade with experience in Cyber Robotics 102 or are Upper middle school & high school robotics competition alumni

This depends on you and your students. Students can spend as little as 1 hour per week participating. Students who allocate more time to the competition will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills, results, and scores anytime and anywhere they have access to a computer and the Internet.

· Foster student motivation and curiosity during each competition phase.

· Help your team/class define a strategy.

· Monitor students’ involvement and progress levels.

· Encourage and empower everyone to contribute to their team/class success.

· Ask questions and help your students get their own answers.

Check out the CoderZ Knowledge Base Center to see the technology requirements

About CoderZ League

CoderZ League (formerly CRCC – Cyber Robotics Coding Competition) is an exciting, engaging, and entertaining virtual robotics competition for students of all levels to participate and learn about STEM, robotics, and coding and to ignite their technology career paths. CoderZ League is cloud-based, can be accessed from any computer, and uses simulation of virtual 3D Robots that perform complex tasks and missions. Using strategizing, collaboration, and acquired programming techniques, students will compete within their team, class, school, district, and state to win stages and progress to the finals. 

The major difference is the difficulty level of the challenge. CoderZ league Junior is a beginner to intermediate level of coding and is great for students with little or no coding background or with basic experience in coding and/or robotics. CoderZ league Pro requires an intermediate to advanced level of coding knowledge. 

CoderZ League is our new brand for CRCC. But besides our new branding, CoderZ League presents two different challenges for different skill levels, while the game, goals, and environment are more exciting and engaging!  

For whom?

CoderZ League Junior is ideal for beginning coders, schools new to CoderZ League, and for students between 5th and 8th grade*.

CoderZ League Pro is ideal for students between 7th and 12th grade *.

*Students in any grade level can participate in either League. However, the best fit is for the grades mentioned. 

CoderZ League is available for teams across the globe, from a small group of up to 5 students to an entire school.

Students work together and earn points as a team based on their achievements.

Register and secure your participation.

Yes! Everyone across the globe can register and join CoderZ League: the Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition.

Yes! You can register your team as a club with up to 5 students. Clubs can compete and work together in CoderZ League.

How it works

Yes. You can register for both leagues. Please note, it is the responsibility of the school or teacher to make sure students are available to dedicate time to learn and compete in the two different challenges.

You can also register your school/class for two different leagues and work with your students to choose the best league.

In CoderZ League JUNIOR, the programing language is Blockly

In CoderZ League PRO, you can program in Blockly or Python

Students work together as teams! The CoderZ League leaderboard tracks the scores for each team, class, school, or organization.

Registration and Payments

Click our registration link, choose CoderZ League Junior, CoderZ League Pro, or both leagues and secure your participation in the competition.

You also can purchase access to training material and recommended courses which will be available from September 1, 2020 to October 30, 2020.

You can register as a team, class or school.

Registration levels:

  • Team: up to 5 students
  • Class: up to 30 students
  • School: up to 240 students (8 classes)

Would you like to register more than 240 students? Please add additional licenses to your cart (team license/class or school).

You will receive a confirmation email. On August 23rd, you will get an activation email to create your account and invite your students to join!  

Awards and rules

Classroom leaderboards can be accessed by clicking the scoreboard icon in your CoderZ dashboard. Public leaderboards showing how well your organization, class, or team is performing in your state or region can be accessed by clicking the “Public Leaderboard” link on the upper right-hand side of the scoreboard page. This link is also on the CoderZLeague.com webpage.

There are two types of leaderboards.

Public leaderboards: Class performance/Team performance

Scoreboard: Individual performances compared with those of classmates.

For Teachers

The CoderZ environment includes resources and tools which are designed to support you as the leading learner together with your students. Our knowledge base includes a list of these resources with detailed “how to” articles.

In addition, teachers who lead a CoderZ League team will have access to:

  •  A User Guide
  • Team dashboard, allowing you to monitor students’ contributions and team ranking
  • Online and recorded webinars
  • Weekly updates which will be shared via email
  • Dashboard notifications
  • Plus more.

Teachers who choose to pair their league journey with our recommended curriculum will get access to the teachers guide, lesson plans, mission solution files (for course missions), student heatmaps, tours and tips, links to presentations, videos, and more.

The teacher can view the code of all students from the My Classes page using the Heat Map.

Please read section 3.5 Scoring in the User Guide

Leaderboards display team-level progress only. Individual progress is displayed in the “CoderZ League” interface as well as on the heat map.

Yes, students can design a team flag and the teacher can update the team flag and team name at any time through the team interface.